The Live Cross Special Project 2015, being organised by MongoliAid International Inc., is an opportunity for school children across Australia to work together and experience the magic of making the world a better place for school children in Mongolia.

MongoliAid delivers blankets to Mongolia and builds and maintains water infrastructure in the Gobi Desert.  In 2012 MongoliAid opened the $135 000 Bayangovi Water Project.  Important water infrastructure needs to be maintained and cannot be taken for granted.  Mongolian people need clean water to drink every day, and so too do their animals.  Mongolia has bequeathed the world a unique nomadic tradition that can teach everyone a lesson about the importance of looking out for each other and about working together.

The Live Cross Special Project 2015 involves 200 schools across Australia who will join together in learning about the need for a clean and secure water supply for the inhabitants of the Gobi Desert.  They will witness first hand what can be done and what has been done by MongoliAid, AND also to join together to find and fund a long term solution to the problem. 

In September 2015, MongoliAid TV will come to life, and Australian school children will find themselves at the Bayangovi school water fountain in real time!

Like the team at MongoliAid, Nic and Donna believe in the magic of making the world a better place.  We are hugely excited at being involved in the Live Cross Special Project 2015, which will see us help promote the project.  Nic and Donna will be visiting schools in Western Australia to sign them up to MongoliAid TV and offer them the opportunity to follow the Blue Sky Walkabout by receiving email updates and photos from the road culminating with the Live Cross in September 2015.  Like MongoliAid we hope that providing access to different cultures and ways of life will encourage understanding and engagement for both Australian and Mongolian children to broaden their horizons.

That is the Live Cross Special Project 2015. Join today! Steppe right this way!