Nic Cuthbert

Accomplished marathon swimmer, champion surf lifesaver, paraglider pilot and international enduro motorcyclist, Australian adventurer Nic Cuthbert has swum oceans, conquered deserts and journeyed overland across continents in pursuit of his dreams.

Kunzum La, 4,600m, Indian Himalayas

In 2009 Nic rode a bicycle 16,100km in 6 months to complete a full lap of Australia while raising awareness of youth mental health issues.  In 2012 he jumped on a motorbike, rode it 35,000km from Singapore to London and in doing so explored some of the world’s most diverse cultures in both the busiest and most remote areas on earth.  The FromA2B project, supporting international development agency ActionAid, saw Nic journey through some 30 countries, over the world’s highest motorable passes in the Himalayas and across deserts in Pakistan and Iran. 

“The notion of international overland travel is not easily explained to the uninitiated.  Complete immersion in the life and times of our global society coupled with ultimate freedom is what drew me to it and continues to fuel my passion, because in the end all you really have is your story”.  Nic Cuthbert, 2014.


Donna Cuthbert

Originally from London UK, Donna has called “The World” her home since beginning travelling in earnest in 2010.  A passion for people and languages in diverse cultures has taken her across the world and seen her travel overland on five continents. 

Agra Fort, Uttar Pradesh, India

Special interest in the welfare of children has emanated in devotion of her time and immense energy into development projects in Africa, particularly in Uganda where she has worked in schools and orphanages.  A former instructor in Britain’s Army Cadet Force and training later in the Reserve Army has equipped Donna with the specialist skills required for outdoor and special environment survival.  Comfortable as she in the African wilderness, Donna is equally at home negotiating an urban concrete jungle in India.


“Moments that cannot be described with a picture drive my passion for seeking out new experiences amongst unfamiliar cultures and people".   Donna Cuthbert, 2014


Team Blue Sky

Nic and Donna's first meeting in Kuala Lumpur in 2010 sparked a courtship set over much of South East Asia and Australia.  It was however a realisation of their shared passions for travel, adventure and culture that eventually saw their two winding paths converge to become one. 

Shelamar Station, West Kimberley, Western Australia

In 2012 Nic and Donna spent three months travelling some 10,000km around Europe on their beloved BMW F800GS, "Snow".  In 2014 they relocated to Albany in Western Australia’s picturesque Great Southern to begin the task of learning and developing the skills required of them to safely undertake the Blue Sky Walkabout expedition across Mongolia, as they had never before ridden horses.  In 2015 over a period of 4 months they rode horses across Mongolia from West to East.